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10-Strike Network Monitor is a device status monitor which allows you to obtain online data on the time a network device becomes available and the time it goes out, and thus ensure a prompt response to various events. The program's functionality is based on periodic polling of devices over your LAN or the Internet. It can check devices via the ICMP, TCP, SNMP, WMI, HTTP, FTP, ARP, DNS protocols (40+ monitoring checks!). With this monitoring program you can watch at SQL databases, CPU usage, temperature, voltage, files, folders, free space on disks, services, processes, VB and JS script results. Depending on the result returned by a monitoring check, the device being polled obtains a corresponding status. You can see all the results on the screen. If a check is successful its color will be displayed in green; if it is failed it will appear in red. Configure the program's response to particular events (device on/off). These include: displaying a message, playing a sound, running external programs and commands, placing a record to log, sending an SMS message to a mobile phone, sending e-mails, restarting/shutting down a service or a computer.

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